How to bypass Streamyx web filter

There are currently two approach to bypass the filter. One thing for sure, tmnet is not taking this filtering issue seriously, as it's pretty easy to trick the system and access blocked sites.

1. Change your DNS server.
(for win XP)
Here for a video tutorial for vista

Edit : I've made an exe to switch dns automtically. Download it here

Your OS is configured to use the default DNS server (which is the streamyx dns server), and tmnet exploited this default setting by configuring it's dns servers not to resolve blocked website's IP address. This made it easy for streamyx to block sites, but it also made it fairly easy for us to bypass this.

First, go to 'network connections' and right click the connection which your computer is connected to the internet(be it WLAN or LAN or whatever), click on properties.

Then on this window as shown on the figure, look for 'Internet Protocol', click it then click on properties.

Then, change the DNS setting to 'use the following DNS addresses:'
This will allow you to configure your desired DNS server to use, instead of the 'auto' which uses the default streamyx dns.

get youself an alternate DNS server (e.g. OpenDNS)

I use OpenDNS because it's the fastest and most reliable.

Click on OK and close everything, then go to cmd and run the ipconfig/ flushdns to use your newly appointed DNS server.

You should be able to view 'lots' of sites now. (e.g. you know what)

-OR- (if you want to go even further (e.g. bypass web or location based censor)

2. Use TOR - the free p2p web anonymiser

this is simple and straightforward.

go to tor download and download TOR.

It is pretty straightforward, but to stay anonymous, please use the provided Firefox portable, and the provided pidgin IM.

and now you can practically be anywhere or anyone in the world. and that said, you can have the unfiltered and uncensored open internet privilege. You are not in malaysia anymore.

How did i know:

thanks to the transparency of google chrome, i was able to pinpoint the issue right away (everytime you tried to access blocked site, it doesn't load and shows a DNS could not be resolved problem), and that is basically the answer to the problem.

i used to think that streamyx has implemented something more aggresive, like keyword based filter or content screening, like the ones offered at school internet, but to my surprise it was relatively easy to bypass the filter by just tweaking a few settings.


October 23, 2015 at 6:07 AM Dennis Lee

There is a typo in your post above. The alternate DNS IP is wrong Below is what I copied from the OpenDNS website:

4. Select the DNS tab and add and to the list of DNS servers.


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